I am a Performing Horn Artist for Conn Selmer, the principal horn for the Ottawa Chamber Players, the Orchestra of Northern New York and play with the Canadian Maple Leaf Horn Quartet and have played professionally in both Canada and the United States and toured in North America, South America and Europe.

I am also a member of the International Horn Society and listed as a horn instructor. In Ottawa I have played with the Ottawa Symphony, the Gatineau Symphony and with Orpheus and Ain’t See Nothing Yet musical productions at the Centrepoint Theatre.

I am listed as a horn instructor at Carleton University and have taught at the Royal Conservatory in Toronto and Lakehead University and am now taking a limited number of students and can hopefully help you improve your horn playing.  I am also available for group lessons and masterclasses and am one of the founding members of the Ottawa French Horn Club.

In the movie Ratatouille the chief say’s “Anyone Can Cook”  and I believe “Anyone Can Play The Horn”   In 5th grade I was kicked out of band for no talent but I am still around.  Please write me at guyedrington @ gmail.com for more info to get started with some lessons.

My Horn Teachers and Mentors

I was very fortunate to have been able to study with Froydis Ree Wekre in Oslo Norway where I learned the most about how to play the horn and enabled me to have a career as a hornist. My other main horn teacher who got me started with the basics was Dr. Bill Capps at Florida State University.

I also had lessons with Kendall Betts former principal horn of the Minnesota Symphony and a lesson with Erick Penzel in Cologne Germany and Neil Sanders while I was on tour.  My very first lesson in high school was with Bill Robinson who help start the International Horn Society.

Other teachers were Dennis Behm at University of Southern Mississippi and Eugene Rittich former Principal Horn of the Toronto Symphony. I also had the privilege of playing for Barry Tuckwell and Philip Farkas.

Horn Lesson Rates

Free First Evaluation Lesson

Please write me at guyedrington @ gmail.com for more info.  ( just remove the spaces in my email)

A Few of my Horn Recording Projects